Peter Recommends:

Trout Mousse with
Peter's Lumpfish Caviar

(Serves 4)


300 g

smoked trout fillets

100 ml

fish stock

200 ml

whipped cream

1 Tbsp


Juice from half a lime

1 tsp


150 g


200 g

choice of lettuce

100 g

Peter's lumpfish-caviar

salt & pepper

cooking oil

parfait steel moulds

Herb sauce

80 g

crème fraiche

fresh chervil, tarragon, chives

salt & white pepper

Raspberry marinade

3 Tbsp

olive oil

1 tsp

raspberry vinegar

Honey, salt & white pepper

Mix trout fillets well with fish stock, the juice of half a lime, butter and Pernod, and fold in whipped cream. Line small moulds with foil and fill with fish mixture. Chill for three to four hours in refrigerator. Tumble mousse from moulds and remove foil.

For the herb sauce, mix crème fraiche with finely chopped herbs and season to taste with white pepper, salt and lime juice.

Wash and peel potatoes, cut into thin slices, pat dry, wrap around steel moulds and bake in hot oil. Lay out trout mousse on a plate.

Pour the raspberry marinade over lettuce and decorate with potato rolls.

Top mousse with Peters lumpfish caviar and refine with herb sauce.

Peter's Lumpfish
Caviar On Toast

(Serves 4)


250 g

lumpfish caviar


slices of white bread


lettuce leaves


small onion, finely chopped

150 g

sour cream






Toast the bread and butter it. Place the lettuce on top of the toast. Scoop up the caviar and form it into an oval ball in a larger spoon and place it on top of the lettuce leaf. Pour sour cream on the side and put some chopped onions, tomato and lemon slices on the side. End of with a dill stem on top.