Peter Hepp was born in Benzingen, a small village in Southern Germany. He is a professionally trained Butcher and Chef de Cuisine.

In 1964, after over 7 years of professional training and a few years experience, Peter visited Sweden for the first time. Later that year, he moved to Växjö where he worked at the city’s hotel as a Saucier and Rotisieur. However, shortly thereafter in 1965 he was taken on as Chef on board M/S Gripsholm and M/S Kungsholm, the Swedish American Lines, passenger cruise ferries making trips around the world. Peter spent over 10 years at sea where he was fortunate enough to meet his wife, travel around the world several times and perfect his culinary skills. He has many fond memories from this time.

In September 1975 the cruise ferries were sold and Peter moved back to Sweden where he opened Restaurant Maritim, his first fish-restaurant in Simrishamn on the coast of the southeastern most corner of Sweden. In 1980 he sold Maritim and opened Restaurant Skillinge Hamnkrog and for a shorter period between 1985 and 1986 he also ran Restaurant Hepps Krog in Simrishamn.

Skillinge Hamnkrog became well known for its fish delicacies and for over 25 years guests travelled from all corners of both Sweden and Germany to get a taste of the sea. It was during these years, in 1984, that Peter started producing his own unique Lumpfish caviar.

Since he sold Skillinge Hamnkrog in 2005, Peter is selling his famous lumpfish caviar in Germany and Austria.